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TC Clamp
TC Clamp

TC Clamp
Black Anodized
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TC Clamp

TC Clamp, Silver
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The TC Clamp will fasten from 2" OD to 1.5" OD tube. The TC Clamp has a 2-1/2" T-handle so no tools are required to fasten to the pipe. 1.25″ × 1/2"-13 TPI Grade 8 fastener, Nylock Nut and 1" diameter Belleville Spring washer are provided for connecting your load. Dimensions: 4-5/8" Tx 4"W x 1-3/16" thick. Safe Vertical Working Load 450 Pounds, (200 KG). Weight is 1.22 pounds (.55 KG)

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Minimum Size

1.5" OD tube, 1.25" pipe, 1.66" OD pipe

Maximum Size

2" OD truss tube,1.5" pipe, 1.90" OD

Working Load Limit

450 Pounds


1.25″ × 1/2" – 13 TPI Grade 8 fastener with Nylock nut.
1" Belleville spring washer.


4 5/8" tall x 4" wide x 1 3/16" thick


1.25 lbs.

Case Quantities


Order Codes

TCB TC Clamp, Black Anodized
TCM TC Clamp, Silver
TCSB TC Clamp Swivel , Black Anodized