8" Mega-Tent Beam Clamp

Mega Tent Beam Clamps
The Mega Tent Beam Clamps opens 5-1/4" to fasten securely into the Keder track slot in free span tent beams. The 8" Mega-Tent Beam Clamp engages the Keder track slot on both sides for 8 inches. The 8" Mega-Tent Beam Clamp has a centered hole for a 5/8 inch shackle, and two drilled and tapped 1/2"inch 13 tpi holes for attaching Mega-Couplers to hold pipe. The 8" Mega Tent Beam Clamp's unique design has triple steel shafts, each one inch thick. The central shaft is threaded with a fine pitch left and right thread and has a captive vise style handle for tightening securely to the tent beam. The central shaft is captured onto the load attachment block ensuring that the load is always centered on the tent beam. The outside shafts are secured onto one jaw, and float in bearings in the load attachment block and the opposite jaw. The load attachment block and jaws are CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum. The Mega Tent Beam Clamp Jaws are designed to fit into the Keder slot at the bottom of the tent beams. The 8 inch Mega-Tent Beam Clamp is rated for up to two tons design load with load and span approval from the tent manufacturer. It is essential to have the tent manufacturer approve the load connections for any specific load, tent beam, and span.

Download Spec Sheet (PDF)
Working Load Limit
2 Tons
12.5 Pounds

Order Codes

MTBC8 8" Mega-Tent Beam Clamp, Polished