Pendant fixture shown mounted with the DivCon.

The DivCon system provides an attractive stem support for The Light Source LED light fixtures. The DivCon stem will pivot up to a 45 degree angle to support the light fixture. The optional DivCon Swivel Stem Mount system separates power and data in the junction box and delivers the power and DMX data through an internally divided 1/2” aluminum rigid conduit into the fixture. All wiring is enclosed within the DivCon stem, eliminating unsightly DMX cables and wire ties on the exterior of the mounting stem.
The bottom cover of the DivCon junction box is removed to connect the wiring. The DivCon stem is held secure inside the DivCon box by a factory installed steel retention support system even with the bottom access cover removed. The power wiring is easily connected inside the DivCon box with the included WAGO flip lever connectors. The data connections are made onto either the removable pair of three position screw connectors or the removable pair of three position IDC connectors. The pair of Data connectors consists of one connector for data in and one data connector for data out. Having Data In and Data Out on different connectors can be very useful in testing and troubleshooting the DMX data network during installation. Optional Powercon, Ethercon, 3 pin, or 5 pin XLR panel mount connectors are available on the top box for simple plug and play ease of installation. The DivCon box is factory CNC machined from 6061T-6 extruded aluminum tubing. The covers are factory CNC punched from 5052 aluminum sheet. The DivCon stem is extruded from 6061T-6 aluminum and is factory CNC machined top and bottom. The DivCon system is machined and fabricated in our factory in Charlotte, NC. There are eight ½ inch NPS threaded connections around the perimeter of the DivCon top box for easy electrical connections.
The top cover of the DivCon divided junction box can be rotated for convenient attachment to either vertically oriented or horizontally rotated building structures by removing four #10 screws, turning the top cover and replacing the four screws.
The DivCon conduit tube is factory cut to length and threaded for the mechanical connection to the light fixture top cap, available in lengths from 5" to 240". The shorter DivCon stems are factory installed, the longer DivCon stems are pre-wired internally, but field installed onto the light fixture with four #10 Philips head machine screws. The DivCon data connector plugs directly into the dimmer PCB inside the light fixture. The DivCon power connection is made inside the light fixture with the included WAGO flip lever connectors.