Mega-Cable Runner
Mega-Cable Runner

24" Mega-Cable Runner
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The Mega-Cable Runner 1.5 is a strong, quick and easy way to mount projectors and monitors, speakers or anything else that needs cables run to it and to be supported from a pipe. No more unsightly wire ties on the support structure, or cantilevered loads from the side of the supporting pipe. The Mega-Cable Runner 1.5 is an inch and a half aluminum pipe that has openings CNC machined on the side at each end to run cables through to projectors, monitors, and what ever you might need to support. The cables are now hidden from sight run on the inside of the pipe. The ends of the pipe are threaded with standard pipe threads to fit into the projector or monitor mount at one end, and into a Mega Pipe Coupler attached to a Mega-Coupler or Mega-Claw on the other end. This centers the Mega-Cable Runner 1.5 under the pipe or truss tube that it is attached to. Available in custom lengths up to 20’ long and either black anodized or mill aluminum finish.

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Order Codes

MCRB-1.5X24 24" Mega-Cable Runner, Black
MCRB-1.5X36 36" Mega-Cable Runner, Black
MCRB-1.5X48 48" Mega-Cable Runner, Black
MCRB-1.5X96 96" Mega-Cable Runner, Black