XL Mega-Truss Dolly
XL Mega-Truss Dolly

Mega-Truss Dolly XL 20.5/2-12/3
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XL Mega-Truss Dolly

XL Truss Dolly
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XL Mega-Truss Dolly

20.5/2-12/3 XL Mega-Truss Dollies stack very compactly.

The Mega-Truss Dolly XL now has the most requested upgrade--four wheels and a wider base. The four castors provide extra stability when moving the truss dolly over obstructions and allows for moving and unloading truss without strapping for each move.

Convenient handle cutouts on both sides of the dolly allow for carrying the dollies after unloading. The Mega-Truss Dolly XL has the same e-track tie downs to hold the truss as the traditional Mega-Truss Dollies.

The Mega-Truss Dolly XL is laser cut and formed from 5052-T6 aluminum material. Castor capacity is 3,200 lbs.

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Working Load Limit
3200 Pounds
Case Quantities

Order Codes

MTDXL12/2-20.5/1 XL Truss Dolly for two 12" truss or one 20.5" truss (24" long), Silver
MTDXL12/3 XL Truss Dolly for three 12" truss or two 18" truss (36" long), Silver
MTDXL12/4-16/3 XL Truss Dolly for four 12" truss or three 16" truss (48" long), Silver
MTDXL15.75/3 XL Truss Dolly for three 15.75" truss ( 400 mm Metric), Silver
MTDXL15/2 XL Truss Dolly for two 15" truss (30" long), Silver
MTDXL15/3 XL Truss Dolly for three 15" truss (45" long), Silver
MTDXL16/2 XL Truss Dolly for two 16" truss (32" long), Silver
MTDXL20.5/1 XL Truss Dolly for one 20.5" truss, Silver
MTDXL20.5/2-12/3 XL Truss Dolly for two 20.5" truss or three 12" truss (41" long), Silver
MTDXLGLOBAL11.4375/2 XL Truss Dolly for two 11.4375" Global Truss, Silver