Custom Stamp
Custom Stamp

Have your name or logo custom stamped or lasered on select products.

Stamps and laser markings can be applied to the Mega-Combo Wrenches, Mega-Clamps, Mega-Couplers, Mega-Claws, and Trigger Clamps. Because of product shape differences, each product requires a separate stamp or laser set up.

After the stamp or laser set-up has been purchased, there is no additional fee to have minimum quantities of 96 or more of the same product stamped or lasered.

Quantities of less than 96 require a $10.00 set up fee and a charge of $1.00 per part.

Download Spec Sheet (PDF)

Order Codes

STAMP PER PART Under the Minimum Charge to Stamp Parts
STAMP SET-UP Under the Minimum Charge Stamp Set Up Fee