Custom Stamp
Custom Stamp

Have your name or logo custom stamped on our products.

Stamps can be applied to the Mega-Combo Wrenches, Mega-Claws, Mega-Clamps, Trigger Clamps and Truss Picks. One line stamps will fit on Mega-Couplers.

There is an initial set up fee for the stamp, which can vary depending upon the complexity of the artwork. After the stamp has been purchased, there is no additional fee to have minimum quantities of 96 of the same product stamped.
Quantities of less than 96 require a $10.00 set up fee and a charge of $1.00 per part.

Download Spec Sheet (PDF)

Order Codes

STAMP PER PART Under the Minimum Charge to Stamp Parts
STAMP SET-UP Under the Minimum Charge Stamp Set Up Fee