Gym Light Cage
Gym Light Cage

Gym Light Cage shown with optional MEGABATTEN

Gym Light Cage

End View of Gym Light Cage

Gym Light Cage

Clean look of cable connections

Gym Light Cage

Double D section of cable ends and pipe sockets prevent rotation during assembly.

Gym Light Cage

Cable end with double D cross section is stronger than the 1/8" aircraft cable.

Gym Light Cage

Cable end assembly uses button head socket to tension cable.

Gym Light Cage

Cross pipes and MEGABATTEN are secured into 2" pipe with the same button head socket as the aircraft cables.

Gym Light Cage

Cross pipe end

Gym Light Cage

DMX data input cable.
DMX Panel mount is also available.

Gym Light Cage

Power input SO cable either 12/3 for single circuit, or 12/4 for dual circuit.

Gym Light Cage
Gym Light Cage
Gym Light Cage

The Gym Light Cage is an easy to assemble protective cage for performance lights.

The smooth, rounded structure has openings of less than 5 inches.

30" square end sections are formed from 2" schedule 40 pipe (2.375" OD).

The ends are connected by four 1-1/2" schedule 80 pipe sections and by 20 pre-terminated 1/8" aircraft cables. Each cable connects pairs of internally threaded posts.

Available in black, white, silver, or optional custom colors.

The Gym Light Cage ships flat, saving hundreds of dollars in freight charges. One package contains the straight pipes. The second contains the two end pieces, cable assemblies and hardware.


The MEGABATTEN has a 20 Amp Edison outlet and a 5 pin XLR every 16 inches. It has one 20 Amp circuit for lengths less that 102 inches and two alternating 20 Amp circuits for lengths of 102 inches or longer.

The MEGABATTEN can be located in place of any of the aircraft cables.

Number of Outlets per length of Gym Light Cage
3 – 54"
4 – 70"
5 – 86"
6 – 102"
7 – 118"
8 – 134"
9 – 150"
10 -166"
11 -182"
12 -198"

Download Spec Sheet (PDF)
Download Gym Light Cage Cut Sheet (PDF)