alt="TC Plasma Mount"
alt="TC Plasma Mount"

TC Plasma Mount
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alt="TC Plasma Mount"

The TC Plasma Mount supports the weight of the screen while the handle is being fastened.

alt="TC Plasma Mount"

Bolt holes are drilled on 25 mm centers to match VESA standards.

alt="TC Plasma Mount"

TC Plasm Mount shown installed on screen.

The TC Plasma Mount is used to hang a plasma or LCD screen on a box truss or pipe. A pair of mounts are provided, one for each side of the screen.

The screen is easily bolted to the TC Plasma Mounts with 6mm, 8mm, or 10mm bolts. (Bolts are not included.)

The support bolt holes are drilled on 25 mm centers to match the 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, and up to 400 mm VESA Standards.

The TC Plasma Mount fits 1.5" OD - 2" OD Tube.

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1 x 4 x 26.8
4.95 lbs.
Case Quantities
Sold as a Pair

Order Codes

TPM TC Plasma Mount, Silver
TPMB TC Plasma Mount, Black Anodized