CPC Chain Extension
CPC Chain Extension

When the Pole or Pipe is too big, just add the extension.
Unique application solved by the Chain Pole Clamp and Reed Rigging. www.reedrigging.com

CPC Chain Extension

Chain Extension shown added to the Chain Pole Clamp. Extends the total diameter to 14".

Chain Pole Clamp Extension
The Chain Pole Clamp Extension extends the grip range of the Chain Pole Clamp by 7” diameter out to 14” diameter. The Chain Pole Clamp Extension installs easily with just one quick release ball detent pin. The stainless steel chain link pins are hollow to allow easy length adjustment and attachments at any possible location around the perimeter of the clamp. Chain attachment accessories quickly connect with two stainless steel 3/8” x 1.5” ball detent pins to secure lights or accessory load points along the chain. All hardware is stainless steel to hold up in the outdoor unconditioned space tent environment.

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CPC-EK Chain Pole Clamp Extension Kit, Silver