Perfect for high catwalks and educational facilities with less experienced crews. Snaps onto the pipe with a carabineer style latch and cannot fall off. (except off the end of the pipe!) Easily fastens to 1-1/4" Pipe (1.66" OD), 1-1/2" Pipe (1.9" OD), and 2" truss tube with included handle.

Please note that the old Polished Version MYC has been replaced by the MYM.

Download Spec Sheet (PDF)
Minimum Size
1.25"pipe, 1.66"OD
Maximum Size
1.5" pipe, 1.9"OD
Working Load Limit
1/2-13 x 1" Grade 5 hex head bolt.
6 3/8" tall x 4" wide x 1" thick. Add 1/2" to width for safety latch.
1.2 lbs.
Case Quantities

Order Codes

MYB Safety-Clamp, Black Anodized
MYBSS Safety-Clamp w/Stainless Steel Hardware, Black Anodized
MYM Safety-Clamp, Silver
MYMSS Safety-Clamp w/Stainless Steel Hardware, Silver