Track Punch
Track Punch

The long handle offers plenty of leverage for punching the hole.

Track Punch

The slot correctly locates the hole made by the steel punch and die.

Track Punch

Track punch shown with a section of track inserted.

Track Punch

The track punch precisely places the holes in the correct place for the track splice.

Quickly and efficiently join walk along track pieces together using the M 140 Track Splice and our M140 Track Punch. The M 140 Track Punch places the punch die in the exact location required by sliding the slot in the punch into the end of the top rail of the track until the track and punch meet firmly. Then squeeze the handles together to punch the 11/32" diameter hole. The hand held and operated punch provides more than a ton of punching force. The light weight punch can be used on the ground or in the grid.

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8 Pounds
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M140TPUNCH M 140 Curtain Track Punch, Silver